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Quiero bailar con tigo hasta la ultima canciooon!!!!


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Quiero bailar con tigo hasta la ultima canciooon!!!!



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http://abcnews.go.com/amp/US/multiple-officers-shot-serving-federal-warrant-pennsylvania/story?id=52433255 #usmarshals CHATER VI 1. In proof of these things, and witnessing faithfully are the Universe, the Year of time, and Man himself, the Microcosm. He fixed these as testimonies of the Triad, the Heptad, and the Dodecad; the twelve constellations rulers of the world, the Dragon (THELE) Tali which environs the universe, and the microcosm, man. The triad, fire, water, and air; the fire above, the water below, and the air in the midst. The proof of which is that air is a participator with both. 2. Tali, the Dragon, is above the Universe, as a king on his throne; the sphere in the year as a king in his State, the Heart of man as a king in warfare. And our God made the states of opposition, good and evil, good from the good, and evil from the evil. Happiness is reserved for the just, and misery for the wicked ones. 3. And out of the triad one stands apart; and in the heptad there are two triads, and one standing apart. The dodecad symbolizes war, the triad of amity, the triad of enmity, three which are life-giving, three which are death-dealing, and God, the faithful king, rules over all from the throne of his sanctity. One above three, three above seven, and seven above twelve, and all are linked together, and one with another. http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/yetzirah.htm (KKK) KOLBRIN KOHELES KHAWARI armies malake-habbalahs Torah koheles 12:14 God CREATOR BRAHMAN my fathers FINAL YOM KIPPUR EVERYTHING holy Bible Jude 1:14-16 #instagay   #gaystagram   #gayman #gaymen   #gaydude   #gaystud   #gayhunk   #gayguy #gayboy   #gaylife   #gaylove   #gayworld   #gaylatino #gayfit   #gayfitness   #gaymuscle   #gayabs   #gayuk #lgbt #lgbtq #gaylove

dont even try
Cant fuck up my #vibe
Double cuppin in th


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dont even try Cant fuck up my #vibe Double cuppin in the #ride Motherfucker, dont play with me.